Races of Hrimmassif

Tall and Tough
The Rimettin are generally large when compared to other humanoids with males standing roughly seven and a half feet tall and females seven feet.

They have adapted to the cold weather in northern Hrimmassif that has caused their skin to take on a somewhat callous feel. This allows for a wide variety of advantages, whether from a broader array of craftsmanship that can be done solely with the hands to the riding of more exotic and rougher skinned mounts. Mountain climbing is also significantly easier on a Rimettin.

Born for Battle
The Rimettin have battle in their blood and have been a mostly aggressive race for their entire existence. No peace has ever been negotiated with their kind, however, strangely, they have been known to go many years without even the slightest pursuit of war.
The Rimettin are a cautious warrior. They rarely attack alone and never without good confidence in their chances of winning. One can normally tell which way the Rimettin think the battle will go based solely on whether they choose to initiate the attack or not.

It is also well known that the Rimettin generally do maintain some semblance of honor, and although they never outrightly attack poor or defenseless territories without provocation, the evoking of such aggression requires very little effort. Almost any action against or in the Rimettin’s presence should be considered carefully.

The use of weapons and armor, and even mounts, are common in Rimettin battle and their naturally calloused hands give them a decreased chance of being disarmed as well. Although you’ll typically never find such fancy battle strategies as formations and ambushes, sheer numbers, strength, and ferocity make the Rimettin a very formidable opponent.

Trust Issues Abound
As a race, the Rimettin have never trusted anyone other than themselves. It has been known for a village or smaller settlement to become merchants for individual Rimettin but never for any group of them larger than a handful.

It is a rare Rimettin that goes the path of adventurer or leaves the homelands for other reasons, and although none are known to currently exist, rumors spread of a few deserters that follow another path.

Being Rimettin
There is only ever one kingdom of Rimettin. Its leadership is just that, a leadership, and may be comprised of a single individual but at any given time usually consists of several veteran elders. It is rare that an individual Rimettin seeks out a leadership position, it is well established that those best fitting the positions move into their new role as soon as they are available, almost without ceremony.

Being a Rimettin living amongst their own kingdom is not an easy life. Daily work includes crafting weapons and armor, hunting the wild mountaintop animals used as meat and clothing by the inhabitants of their city (vegetables are a rare treat due to the weather) as well as mining for minerals, and the constant building or upkeep on housing and fortifications. If the kingdom is in a time of war, able bodies are also needed.

Both men and women tend to all aspects of Rimettin life, no one is excluded. The females, despite standing roughly a half foot shorter than the males, have comparable strength and aptitude. Whereas no duties are ever gender specific on purpose, the normal tendency is that the males do the crafting and construction while the females do the hunting and mining; the shorter size and bodyweight gives the females a slight edge in dexterity which is helpful when navigating the rough terrain.

Cultural Details
Alignment: Rimettin generally lean towards the Lawful Neutral alignment. They believe strongly in concepts such as honor, rules, and tradition, and have a highly expected social responsibility throughout the kingdom.

Religion: Hrimmassif diety pantheon in progress

Languages: Rimettin generally speak a language mostly compatible with Giant speak and also are particularly fluent in Common, the most prevalent language in the area.

Adventuring Rimettin
An adventuring Rimettin is something rarely ever heard of, more less seen. Those that take this route typically do so when they feel they no longer agree with the leadership of their
kingdom and do not fit within the social expectations of their homeland.

Whereas they do still tend to try to bring honor to the Rimettin race in whatever they do, their focus tends to be shift to exploration and conquest of the surrounding lands, most of which the average Rimettin has never seen.

A traveling Rimettin rarely uses a mount. Their increased stride and endurance goes a long way in making up for this when they traveling with others who are mounted.

As a Rimettin you have the following racial traits.

Ability Score Adjustment: Your starting Strength is increased by 1.

Size: Large

Speed: 45 feet. Your speed is not reduced when wearing heavy armor when you have proficiency or for carrying a heavy load.

Rimettin Resilience: You have advantage on Constitution Ability Checks, and you have resistance against frost damage.

Rimettin Weapon Training: You are proficient with the Morningstar and Javelin. You have advantage against physical Disarm abilities.

Languages: You can speak and write Giant and Common as well as a number of additional languages of your choice equal to your Intelligence modifier, provided it is positive.


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