Frostfel Mountains

Regions of Hrimmassif

The entire northern edge of Hrimmassif runs against a portion of the southern side of the Frostfel Mountains. Frostfel is believed to have once been home to Isanna, the Frost Dragon, long believed dead.

Many of the smaller mountains are home to various clans of Mountain Dwarves, the most prominent being the clan of Hoarkeep. This mountain side city encompasses the south side of Hoarfrost Mountain as well as a large potion of its inner bowels. No non-Dwarf knows just how far into the mountain Hoarkeep goes, nor has any ever seen it.

Further into the Frostfel Mountains, where even dwarves do not venture much due to the extreme cold weather, can be found the Rimettin, a race of Giants.

Frostfel Mountains

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