Regions of Hrimmassif

The region of Dragonberth is spotted by several major cities as well as some minor villages.

The most expansive aspect of its landscape are its rolling plains. To travelers to the area it would seem flat and barren however the lush greenery is never ending and, save for the dirt roads and occasional tree, brown is not a color typically seen. Rain is not constant but is regular however it rarely extends into thunderstorms except during the Winter and Spring months.

The various villages strewn throughout the area is comprised mostly of farmers and small craftsmen with little military reinforcements. The castles however are strictly reinforced, especially the ones owned by the royal family.

The name Dragonberth was given to the region by Lord Magnus Samuelsson, one of the reigning brothers who’s one desire is to tame and ride a dragon. Unfortunately the dragons of the area are hardly ever seen. Some believe they have gone into hiding in the mountains while others believe they are extinct.


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