Towns of Hrimmassif

Dragonberth’s capital city is Beckon. Prince Samuel Samuelsson rules from within its walls.

The city has two main entrances, one from the road leading towards Dragonvale, to the east, and the other from the southwest. A northwestern entrance is for militia only and is closed except during scheduled uses.

The eastward entrance is home to the cities main bazaar area just inside the gates. The bazaar has many merchants and about four times as many patrons with a surprisingly low number of riff raff, but the numerous patrolling guards probably has something to do with that.

The city is home to three taverns, two open to all patrons, the largest one only to those of considerable wealth. Anyone could walk in, but whether you’ll be able to afford your first drink will determine your length of stay. All the taverns are located in the southern part of the city, away from the palace which sits in the northern area.

Four inns are scattered throughout, one is each of the cardinal sections. The northernmost inn is the most expensive given its proximity to the palace.

Three stables exist near each of the inns with the northernmost inn paying for use of the palace stables for its customers.

Residential buildings are mostly located on the western and southern sides of the city but can be found located throughout as several shopkeepers prefers to keep their abodes next to their workplaces for convenience.


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