Sven Smithman


Sven has always been a soldier. From as early as he can remember, he took after his father in the clans workings of the Hoarkeep militia. From the beginning, when all he was allowed to do was smithing, he made sure he crafted the best weapons, armor, and catapults he could. He even took on the name Smithman to honor his fathers training in the field.

When finally about the join the militia, he was quick to learn the art of the catapult as well as armed combat. He was part of at least two separate raids from Rimettin which were held off on both occasions.

A shoulder wound has since kept him from brandishing his two axes, Bala and Calana, effectively and forced him to move onto one two-handed greataxe that he crafted himself. He named his greataxe Bana, after his mother, an over-sized yet sharp-edged woman of the clan Barrak.

After the death of his father, one which he was unable to prevent, Sven decided he had had enough fighting for a while and, with the Clan Chieftain’s blessing, was allowed to venture to Dragonvale for a considerable rest.

Sven Smithman

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